Also known as Fixit

Sometimes IT can seem like a battleground with devices urgently needing to be fixed, software needing patching and data needing restoration, all the while keeping your day-to-day business processes functioning uninterrupted.

In Star Wars, the FX range of medical assistance droids were often placed in Alliance mobile surgical units to tend to wounded troops in the war to restore the Republic. FX-7 helped Luke Skywalker with bacta treatment after he had been injured by a wampa.

FX7 Solutions identifies with FX-7 because our team works to help businesses operate effectively by fixing IT issues as they arise and by keeping your systems ready for action.

Also known as Fixit, FX-7 was a tall cylindrical droid with eight arms, each with a different tool for a different treatment, and FX7 Solutions imagines it has similar arms to help with many different aspects of IT support, from purchasing and installing new kit to backups, cloud computing, protection against viruses and ransomware, and a lot more.

While FX-7 had a slot for a language vocoder, it functioned silently, quite a lot like our IT support team, who get on with their work quietly and diligently to keep your systems running smoothly.

Another similarity is that FX-7’s ‘head’ could rotate 360 degrees and sometimes we feel we do the same to maintain an all-round view of the IT world and keep abreast of the latest technical developments so our services remain up to date.

So if you feel under constant fire and that IT is a struggle for you, remember that, like its  dependable namesake medical droid, FX7 Solutions is always there to ‘fix it’ for you and keep you fighting fit.

Posted on 31/01/2018 in FX7 Solutions story

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With over 15 years’ experience in IT industry, Jakub is bringing a lot of knowledge and solutions to business owners on how to streamline the technology in their business. FX7 Solutions Ltd, the company that Jakub founded in 2008, is acting as an outsourced IT support department for small and medium businesses in West London and Middlesex area.

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