Why offsite backups complement onsite and shouldn’t be the only backup?

Backing up data to online services is as easy as copying a file to a folder, but while offsite backups are convenient, they do not provide all the security you need. If you backed up all your data to a cloud provider, what would you do if the service was down when you needed it or had gone out of business taking your data with them?

Combining offsite and onsite backups ensures your data is stored safely so that you can carry on running your business whatever happens. If your office is damaged or data stolen, you can access your files online from anywhere, while if your offsite backup is not available, you have one to hand in your office.

Offsite backups can include taking a physical copy of your data offsite, eg an external hard drive or USB, but these will require you to return them to your office periodically to update the backups and take them offsite again. Online backups can be automated for convenience so that they run in the background while you work and don’t rely on you having to take a storage device backwards and forwards.

It’s important to use a secure and reliable online storage provider as your business might have to rely on them in an emergency. It’s also vital to check that providers comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into force on 25 May 2018, especially when you store data on your customers. GDPR requires customer data to be stored only within EU countries or in countries approved as meeting EU standards. Providers outside these countries must contract to adhere to the regulations.

With copies of your data backed up offsite and onsite, your data is as secure as possible against damage or loss so that your business can keep operating whatever happens. Give us a call and we will be happy to advise on suitable solution that is tailored for your business.

Posted on 13/02/2018 in Backup, Security

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