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“We do not need IT Support” – and why you are wrong

As computers and software have become more intuitive, it’s easy to think that your business doesn’t need IT support, but this will mean you spend a lot of time sorting out IT problems which you could be spending on client business. Here are five reasons how professional IT support helps your business run better: Professional…

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Why offsite backups complement onsite and shouldn’t be the only backup?

Backing up data to online services is as easy as copying a file to a folder, but while offsite backups are convenient, they do not provide all the security you need. If you backed up all your data to a cloud provider, what would you do if the service was down when you needed it…

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Why backups should be onsite?

Your data is one of your most important business assets. If you lost all your data, could your business continue to operate? Would you know what orders to work on? Would you be able to complete your tax or VAT returns? Backing up your data onsite means that you have a copy of everything you…

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