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The importance of networking documentation and why you need to own it

Networking documentation doesn’t sound exciting and it isn’t the first item many businesses would consider a priority, but it’s vital for ensuring your IT systems can be correctly maintained. What’s more, a business has to take ownership to keep it up to date. For a small IT set-up, network documentation might seem overkill, but it…

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Password policies in the small business

Passwords exist to protect you and your business, keeping safe all the money, data and more you store in online bank, office tools, social media and other accounts. Yet the more secure the password, the more difficult it is to remember. Add the recommendation that passwords should be changed regularly to the typical 10, 20…

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Make light work

In Star Wars, the medical assistance droid FX-7 had multiple arms enabling it to accomplish sophisticated medical, diagnostic and procedural tasks simultaneously. Like this admired droid, FX7 Solutions has many arms – managed IT services, on demand IT support, cloud computing, VoIP telephony, email and spam protection, and EPOS – that work simultaneously to provide…

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In-house server or cloud service for file storage: private cloud – best of both worlds

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