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Make mobile phones work for everyone in your business

Oxygen is both a life-giver and a deadly killer: breathing air, usually with an oxygen  content of 21%, is essential for us to stay alive, but in some conditions breathing 100% oxygen can kill us. It’s the same with mobile phones, they can be incredibly useful and boost productivity, but too much use can waste…

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What is the best internet connection for my business?

No business can operate without the internet. Even if you don’t work or sell online, banking and many transactions with government and other agencies now require an online connection. However, there are different ways of connecting to the internet and often variations in coverage can make a good connection a postcode lottery. First of all,…

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Summer tech fun for kids young and old

Summer has arrived and it’s time to take a break from work. When you’re fascinated by technology, there are many technology-based activities for kids, both young and old. We’re so lucky to be a short journey away from great national museums, such as the Science Museum in Kensington (, and the National Museum of Computing…

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