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How hardware breakdown cover can help your business

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T Ford in 1908, it was a runaway success because for the very first time his innovations made mass market travel possible. Like the Model T Ford, computers are readily available to all businesses, but it can still be a shock when hardware breaks down, especially if this brings…

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Dealing with technology suppliers when they talk like pirates

Shiver me timbers, heave ho and batten down the hatches! Jargon has been in use for centuries with pirates even inventing their own language for their work marauding innocent seafarers on the seven seas. Sometimes it can seem that technology suppliers talk in similarly unintelligible jargon, asking you how many gigabytes you handle, whether your…

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Many Hands

IT used to be about computers. Nowadays computers are also phones, cameras, controls for equipment and many other things combined. You used to need to know a computer language to work in IT, but now you also need to understand software packages, networking protocols, communications technology and so much more. To fix anything in IT…

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