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Should you upgrade your business to Windows 10?

Upgrading to a new operating system can seem daunting, especially with the likelihood of software incompatibilities, so should businesses upgrade to Windows 10? One of the main arguments for upgrading is that Microsoft will be withdrawing support for Windows 7 in 2020, so the sooner your business upgrades, the safer it will be in terms…

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Technology in the driver’s seat

As well as automating our homes, the Internet of Things is driving the development of cars. We all know of engine management and entertainment systems, but cars are becoming more connected, transforming them into extensions of homes and offices. Car manufacturers and technology firms are all competing to develop operating systems and software that will…

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Why using POP3 / IMAP email is bad for your business

Email is email, but not all email services are the same. In the past, many company email systems used the POP protocol, which downloaded emails on to the hard drive of a computer. If the hard drive died, it took all your emails with it. It also worked on only one device, so you couldn’t…

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