Dealing with technology suppliers when they talk like pirates

Shiver me timbers, heave ho and batten down the hatches! Jargon has been in use for centuries with pirates even inventing their own language for their work marauding innocent seafarers on the seven seas.

Sometimes it can seem that technology suppliers talk in similarly unintelligible jargon, asking you how many gigabytes you handle, whether your web site has secure socket layers or what precautions you’ve in place against Trojans. And, like pirates, some suppliers seem to appear out of the blue to make a sale, then sail off beyond the horizon, leaving you with no hope of any ongoing support.

While it’s not attacking you, jargon can be damaging as it can lead to unintentional misunderstandings that are costly for your business.

To get the best IT solutions for your business at the right price, suppliers need to understand your business and what you want to achieve. It’s difficult to achieve this when it seems that you are talking two different languages – you in terms of your business and suppliers in their IT jargon.

When sourcing any IT product or service, from PC hardware and peripherals to software, internet connections, web hosting, traditional or VoIP telephony, it’s important to be able to talk to a supplier at your convenience until you are satisfied that they understand your needs and are suggesting options that meet these. Dealing with a company that works solely through a call centre, where you never speak to the same person twice, or, worse, only communicates by email is not a good start.

It’s important to be able to ask questions – any questions, no matter how silly they seem to you – to ensure that you both understand each other. It also means you can trust a supplier and know that where your IT knowledge ends, they will use their expertise to put together a solution that does what you want and explain in to you in clear English, even if the technical description sounds like gobbledegook.

Our specialists at FX7 Solutions are always happy to chat to you about what you need your IT systems to accomplish and will take the time to ensure you understand the solutions we suggest. This extends beyond purchasing new equipment to your daily use of IT, so that if your email stops working, we can look at it and talk to your service provider to pinpoint the problem and get it moving again. We can do this with all service providers, using our technical know-how to sort issues without any hassle for you.

And, what’s more, we always talk in plain English – except on International Talk Like a Pirate Day – and you can get hold of us whenever you need help with a product or service to get the best out of your IT.


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Posted on 19/09/2018 in Business operations, Fun

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