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Keeping fit in any domain

Medtech Industries, manufacturer of the FX-7 medical assistance droid in Star Wars, was established to bring together the expertise of medical specialists to help patients. When civil war broke out in the Galactic Empire, Medtech moved to a more populous sector where it could do the most good and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems,…

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Technology in the driver’s seat

As well as automating our homes, the Internet of Things is driving the development of cars. We all know of engine management and entertainment systems, but cars are becoming more connected, transforming them into extensions of homes and offices. Car manufacturers and technology firms are all competing to develop operating systems and software that will…

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Why using POP3 / IMAP email is bad for your business

Email is email, but not all email services are the same. In the past, many company email systems used the POP protocol, which downloaded emails on to the hard drive of a computer. If the hard drive died, it took all your emails with it. It also worked on only one device, so you couldn’t…

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In-house server or cloud service for file storage: private cloud – best of both worlds

In-house server or cloud service for file storage: why using popular cloud services can be bad for your business

There are many cloud storage providers and often it is as easy as registering with your email and creating a password to start using free storage, but are these services suitable for your business? It’s unlikely that free services will provide the level of service or security that your business needs. Remember the GDPR (General…

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In-house server or cloud service for file storage: things to consider

The growth in cloud services makes online storage attractive to small businesses. For a start, there’s no need for capital investment in computer kit that will need maintaining and upgrading to keep it up to date and working 24/7. And you don’t to have to worry about the security and integrity of your systems if…

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Use the Internet of Things to improve productivity in your business

Once seen as a gimmick to enable your fridge to tell you when you run low on milk, the Internet of Things (IoT) is developing rapidly to offer a range of useful applications not only in the home, but also in business. Amazon’s Alexa has helped promote take-up of IoT, with many people using it…

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