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Patching Windows

Before the medieval London Bridge was replaced in 1835, the River Thames was liable to freeze over at least once every 10 years, because the narrow arches of the bridge slowed down the flow of water so it froze more readily. Freezing brought river traffic to a standstill, so it was a relief when the…

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Should you upgrade your business to Windows 10?

Upgrading to a new operating system can seem daunting, especially with the likelihood of software incompatibilities, so should businesses upgrade to Windows 10? One of the main arguments for upgrading is that Microsoft will be withdrawing support for Windows 7 in 2020, so the sooner your business upgrades, the safer it will be in terms…

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Make mobile phones work for everyone in your business

Oxygen is both a life-giver and a deadly killer: breathing air, usually with an oxygen  content of 21%, is essential for us to stay alive, but in some conditions breathing 100% oxygen can kill us. It’s the same with mobile phones, they can be incredibly useful and boost productivity, but too much use can waste…

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Disaster Recovery Plan

As well as the delights of beach bodies, Bikini also reminds of us disaster. Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean was the site of nuclear weapons testing in the 1940s, later described as the ‘world’s first nuclear disaster’ as a result of contamination. It’s a reminder that in business it’s good practice to plan for…

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The importance of networking documentation and why you need to own it

Networking documentation doesn’t sound exciting and it isn’t the first item many businesses would consider a priority, but it’s vital for ensuring your IT systems can be correctly maintained. What’s more, a business has to take ownership to keep it up to date. For a small IT set-up, network documentation might seem overkill, but it…

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Password policies in the small business

Passwords exist to protect you and your business, keeping safe all the money, data and more you store in online bank, office tools, social media and other accounts. Yet the more secure the password, the more difficult it is to remember. Add the recommendation that passwords should be changed regularly to the typical 10, 20…

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In-house server or cloud service for file storage: private cloud – best of both worlds

In-house server or cloud service for file storage: why using popular cloud services can be bad for your business

There are many cloud storage providers and often it is as easy as registering with your email and creating a password to start using free storage, but are these services suitable for your business? It’s unlikely that free services will provide the level of service or security that your business needs. Remember the GDPR (General…

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In-house server or cloud service for file storage: things to consider

The growth in cloud services makes online storage attractive to small businesses. For a start, there’s no need for capital investment in computer kit that will need maintaining and upgrading to keep it up to date and working 24/7. And you don’t to have to worry about the security and integrity of your systems if…

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Use the Internet of Things to improve productivity in your business

Once seen as a gimmick to enable your fridge to tell you when you run low on milk, the Internet of Things (IoT) is developing rapidly to offer a range of useful applications not only in the home, but also in business. Amazon’s Alexa has helped promote take-up of IoT, with many people using it…

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