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Should you upgrade your business to Windows 10?

Upgrading to a new operating system can seem daunting, especially with the likelihood of software incompatibilities, so should businesses upgrade to Windows 10? One of the main arguments for upgrading is that Microsoft will be withdrawing support for Windows 7 in 2020, so the sooner your business upgrades, the safer it will be in terms…

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How hardware breakdown cover can help your business

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T Ford in 1908, it was a runaway success because for the very first time his innovations made mass market travel possible. Like the Model T Ford, computers are readily available to all businesses, but it can still be a shock when hardware breaks down, especially if this brings…

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Power Surge protection

A surprise attack by pirates on the high seas was something to be dreaded by sailors and similarly for businesses a power surge can cause severe damage when least expected. Power surges are caused by a sudden increase in the electrical supply current or voltage. A lightning strike can fire 100,000 volts through your building,…

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Moving office – ensuring your systems relocate seamlessly

Whether you need more space for your expanding business or you are moving to a better premises, there is a lot to consider when moving office to ensure your IT and communications systems are relocated without interrupting your business. Before thinking about your new location, it is important to record your present set-up and make…

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