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Technology in the driver’s seat

As well as automating our homes, the Internet of Things is driving the development of cars. We all know of engine management and entertainment systems, but cars are becoming more connected, transforming them into extensions of homes and offices. Car manufacturers and technology firms are all competing to develop operating systems and software that will…

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Moving office – ensuring your systems relocate seamlessly

Whether you need more space for your expanding business or you are moving to a better premises, there is a lot to consider when moving office to ensure your IT and communications systems are relocated without interrupting your business. Before thinking about your new location, it is important to record your present set-up and make…

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What is the best internet connection for my business?

No business can operate without the internet. Even if you don’t work or sell online, banking and many transactions with government and other agencies now require an online connection. However, there are different ways of connecting to the internet and often variations in coverage can make a good connection a postcode lottery. First of all,…

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