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Many Hands

IT used to be about computers. Nowadays computers are also phones, cameras, controls for equipment and many other things combined. You used to need to know a computer language to work in IT, but now you also need to understand software packages, networking protocols, communications technology and so much more. To fix anything in IT…

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Breathe in the oxygen of business

We are surrounded by air, but can’t see it or the oxygen it contains, which is vital for keeping us all alive. We only know oxygen is there because Joseph Priestley discovered it almost 250 years ago. FX7 Solutions sees business opportunities as oxygen: there are opportunities all around us, and we need them to…

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Make light work

In Star Wars, the medical assistance droid FX-7 had multiple arms enabling it to accomplish sophisticated medical, diagnostic and procedural tasks simultaneously. Like this admired droid, FX7 Solutions has many arms – managed IT services, on demand IT support, cloud computing, VoIP telephony, email and spam protection, and EPOS – that work simultaneously to provide…

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The secret is out

In wartime, it’s often necessary to keep locations secret to prevent forces tracking down their enemies. In Star Wars, FX-7, the medical droid that inspired FX7 Solutions, was based in the rebels’ secret Echo Base on the ice planet of Hoth. Technically, FX7 Solutions is based in a location that doesn’t exist, although this is…

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Also known as Fixit

Sometimes IT can seem like a battleground with devices urgently needing to be fixed, software needing patching and data needing restoration, all the while keeping your day-to-day business processes functioning uninterrupted. In Star Wars, the FX range of medical assistance droids were often placed in Alliance mobile surgical units to tend to wounded troops in…

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