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Keeping fit in any domain

Medtech Industries, manufacturer of the FX-7 medical assistance droid in Star Wars, was established to bring together the expertise of medical specialists to help patients. When civil war broke out in the Galactic Empire, Medtech moved to a more populous sector where it could do the most good and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems,…

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Why using POP3 / IMAP email is bad for your business

Email is email, but not all email services are the same. In the past, many company email systems used the POP protocol, which downloaded emails on to the hard drive of a computer. If the hard drive died, it took all your emails with it. It also worked on only one device, so you couldn’t…

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Has this email account been hacked?

Trust is essential in business, but unfortunately we can’t always trust emails. Sometimes criminals uses ‘spoofing’ to send us forged emails that appear to come from genuine people or organisations we know but are ‘phishing’ emails designed to trick us into actions that will cheat us out of money, infect our computers with viruses or…

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