Many Hands

IT used to be about computers. Nowadays computers are also phones, cameras, controls for equipment and many other things combined.

You used to need to know a computer language to work in IT, but now you also need to understand software packages, networking protocols, communications technology and so much more.

To fix anything in IT today, you need at least eight hands to juggle so many different requirements.

That’s where Fixit, our namesake FX-7 medical droid from Star Wars, was so effective. It had 20 arms, each equipped with a different tool to perform a specific task so that it could work on lots of things simultaneously.

We aim to emulate FX-7 with our own different arms – covering managed IT services, on demand IT support, cloud computing, VoIP telephony, email and spam protection, and EPOS. Our growing team of experts, trained and qualified in so many technical disciplines, apply their skills and experience simultaneously to manage and fix your systems and make everything work together seamlessly.

They are our many hands – just like FX-7.

So when you look at your computers, phones, equipment, internet connection and other technology and wonder how you’ll ever get them all to work together, hand the problem over to our team at FX7 Solutions whose many hands make light work.

Posted on 06/09/2018 in FX7 Solutions story

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With over 15 years’ experience in IT industry, Jakub is bringing a lot of knowledge and solutions to business owners on how to streamline the technology in their business. FX7 Solutions Ltd, the company that Jakub founded in 2008, is acting as an outsourced IT support department for small and medium businesses in West London and Middlesex area.

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